When you find someone that has more faith in you than yourself, you know that you are on the right track.


Today, I am blessed as a husband and father.

My fantastic wife and lovely girl encourage me in all my mad antics and worldly adventures.

That’s what best friends do with each other. That’s how I see


The year is 2009. It’s January.

I have a camera in my hands and no experience in photography to speak of, and yet there I was, facing the biggest challenge of my life.

I was about to photograph the birth of a child – a very special child.

My daughter.

The pressure in the face of

this challenge was immense.

That moment was unique never to come again.

And I needed to capture it perfectly. I couldn’t put the gravity of this event in words. That moment was, in fact, my debut as a photographer and father.

Today, I still consider those shots to be among the best of my photos, and I recall the event as the most remarcable moment of my life.

A few weeks later

I was invited as a wedding photography assistant by a friend of mine who is also a photographer. It wasn’t easy.

All I was equipped with was my camera, the butterflies in my stomach, and the memory of what it meant to me to capture a moment just right.

I knew what it felt like to capture the essence of a special day, a day so special it would never come again.

In the end, as an amateur I had taken some mediocre photos. But from that experience alone I had learned that this was the job for me – the job I wanted to commit to, for the rest of my life.

Fast forward nine years. The year is now, 2018. Photography is part of my life, and my camera is just another extension of my body.

It’s been nine years. But in every job I take, my priority is to capture memorable moments with the same care I had with my first experience.

I will never forget my important moments

– and neither should you.