Engagement Photography Services

Engagement Photography Services-We Give the Fine Touch to Your Special Day With Us!

Why take engagement photographs? Just to show people how looking good the couple is?
Submit a shot to your neighbourhood paper with your engagement declaration, use them imaginatively in your most special day decoration, or offer some copy prints as gifts to your families. Need a pragmatic motivation to plan an engagement photograph shoot? It’s an awesome chance to test-drive your wedding photographer on engagement photography services!

This type of photo session is perfect to show everybody your happiness and to commemorate the moment you get engaged. This period of your lives is such lovely, with lots of planning and expectations. Why don’t portrait and celebrate such happy moments?

This session may be quite simple, or maybe a super production, it will depend on the mood of the couple, their lifestyle or even their beliefs. The couple chooses any location that suits better for them, and we can have a walk, just having fun, shooting along the way and seek for the best light, an incredible landscape, or even for the fuller look of love. I am prepared to let you comfortable, acting naturally, showing your love, your chemistry, to reach the best result. There are no instructions, just act by your own, and just let emotions flow!

Choosing the right location is an important decision to be taken in regards of the best shoots. Could be an important place to the couple, where outstanding thinks may happen. Could be a place that couple had never visited, but they want to have this place as background to portrait their love. Or even could be a place that is part of their daily routine. What I consider a core thing is the willingness of the couple to get the best result and feel comfortable on the chosen location.

What to wear may be a very common question to the couple. Is not a problem if you decide to use a black tie attire or just shorts and thongs. I just recommend matching between the couple similar types of outfits. For all the rest, you just need to be yourselves!

The rest of the job is my part, I will put my creativity, my work experience and my heart to work in favour for the best shoots. Portrait your love is what I love to do, so let’s have fun together!